September calendar

September Calendar – Some assume that September is the opposite of March, it comes like a lamb and he heads out like a lion. Some think that September is often identified with joy and happiness. Imagine, almost every country in the world is experiencing major changes in September, one of which is the beginning of autumn, early spring, and the wet season.

In addition, September also has some unique facts that we rarely know because many important events and unexpected things happen in it. Here is a unique fact of the September calendar we deserve to know:

It may sound trivial or just a coincidence, September is the ninth month of calendar calendar in each year. Uniquely, nih turns the letters in September also amounted to nine.

In 1752, before the Gregorian calendar system changed from the Julian calendar, in the UK, September only lasted 19 days. During the transition period, from September 3 to 13 in September was removed due to adjusting the current season. So, in September, the number of days is trimmed to just 19 days.

Still remember the tragedy of the WTC tower that hit the terrorist plane in 2001 ago? It turned out that the great disaster that killed at least 3000 New Yorkers this occurred in September, precisely on the 11th. Warning WTC tragedy is still commemorated until now by most citizens of the United States.

In United States, right on the third week of September or the first week after the first Monday, commemorated as Grand Day of Grandparents or Day of Honor of the Elderly. This warning is intended as a tribute to people who are elderly because it is considered meritorious to raise and educate the younger generations to become useful people. In September Calendar has various agendas.


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